What’s the Next Step After You’ve Decided to Get Divorced?

Photo of a woman and a man with their hands clasped before divorce attorneys

Making the decision to end your marriage will most likely be one of the hardest decisions you ever have to face. However, that decision is just the beginning of the process. You will need to sort out your financials, determine how you are going to raise your children and where you are going to live. This decision-making process is going to be different for every couple. Should you hire divorce mediators? Is collaboration right for you? Will divorce court be best? Our San Diego divorce mediation attorney takes a look at a few of these options to help you determine the best path for your family.


In this process, a neutral third-party/mediator helps couples come to a resolution. These divorce mediators often help couples achieve a more efficient and cost-effective resolution than a court proceeding. However, they can take a long time if divorcing couples cannot agree.


When couples have a harder time agreeing on issues, arbitration can be the next solution. Just like the mediation process, arbitration involves the help of a neutral third-party. However, arbitrators have the final word in this process, unlike divorce mediators.

Collaborative Divorce

Built to lessen the impact on relationships, a collaborative divorce facilitates a smooth and respectful end to a marriage. This solution can also be cost-effective, but the divorcing couple needs to be in agreement for this process to work. If the two parties cannot come to a resolution, then the couple will have to restart the divorce process from scratch with new counsel.

Going to Court

This is the traditional process for getting a divorce. It can be expensive, and it can take a longer time than the other processes. However, if the couple cannot find common ground on dividing property, splitting assets or child custody, this may be the best solution.

What Is the Best Way to Get a Divorce?

No matter how you choose to carry out your divorce, having an attorney by your side should always be a high priority. Even when you are in agreement with your former spouse, you will need legal guidance to protect your interests. Consult with one of our San Diego divorce lawyers and we can help guide you through this trying time no matter what process you choose.