Experienced Military Divorce Attorneys

With several bases and thousands of servicemen and women stationed here, San Diego, California is a proud military town, and we at Divorce Attorneys – San Diego are happy to help these men and women through their most difficult family law issues.Whether you are stationed here in San Diego, California or you are currently deployed overseas, we can help you effectively resolve your divorce and protect your future, allowing you to keep your focus on serving our country and spending time with your children.

Get The Right Representation If You Are In The Military

Military divorces can be much more complicated than a divorce between two civilians because of issues like:

  • Child custody and deployments
  • Division of military benefits
  • Child or parental relocation
  • Child support payments

We understand the unique issues you are facing and how they are different from standard divorces. You can have peace of mind knowing that experienced, knowledgeable military divorce lawyers are representing you. We can think ahead so that your settlement addresses matters such as if you are stationed in another state but your ex-spouse wants to remain in San Diego, California with the children, or what will happen if you are sent overseas for a year.

We Strive To Resolve Military Divorces In A Cost-Conscious Way

Our rates are some of the most competitive in the San Diego, California area, meaning you will not have to worry about losing it all just to finalize your divorce. We know how hard you work already, which is why you can leave the difficult legal work to us. Call us today at 619-269-8000 to schedule your consultation.