Fathers Should Fight for their Parental Rights in a Child Custody Cases and Here’s Why

Photo of a man unpacking boxes with his children

Some people are under the impression that fathers have fewer rights when it comes to divorce and child custody. This perception not only hurts fathers who just want to be there for their children, it also hurts children robbed of a chance to bond with a parent. If you are a father going through a divorce, here are a few reasons why you need to ignore the stigma and fight for your parental rights.

Do Children Suffer When They Don’t Have Loving Dads in Their Lives?

After studying 5,000 young people, researchers from Princeton University found that individuals with absent fathers suffered damage to parts of their DNA. Individuals with absentee dads or fathers who died were found to have telomeres that were shortened by 14-16 percent. This sort of damage has been linked to premature aging and cancer. However, the attention and involvement of fathers has been shown to have positive effects on the education of children.

Time with Fathers Can Improve a Child’s Health and Future

The U.S. Department of Education claims that children with highly involved fathers are 43 percent more likely to make better grades. Books such as Fatherneed claimed that the loving and nurturing attention fathers provide elevated the IQ scores, linguistic skills and thinking capacities of children. With such positive benefits associated with strong father-child relationships, no divorcing dad should be eager to let their parental rights go.

Spending Time with Kids Helps Dads Level Up in Life!

Studies also claim that fathers get a boost from nurturing relationships with their kids. A 2014 Yale study shows that men experience a chemical change in their brains after a child is born. These changes can improve multitasking and memory as well as other abilities. Another study from The Academy of Management Perspectives shows that involved fathers have improved levels of job satisfaction.

Being involved in your child’s life not only shows that you love them, it has very real physical and psychological effects. It can bolster the child’s self-esteem as well as your own both during and after your divorce.

Remember, the law is not biased toward or against mothers or fathers. Here in California, it is unlawful to discriminate upon the basis of gender in matters such as divorce. That means that even if a judge unjustly favors a mother over a father in court, the father can still appeal that decision based on that bias. If you have questions about your impending divorce, consult with Divorce Attorneys-San Diego. We care about the clients we represent, and we want to help you find the best resolution for your family. Our initial consultation only costs $99, so don’t be afraid to give us a call at (619) 269-8000.