San Diego, California Annulment Attorneys

Photos of people signing a paper with silver pensAnnulment is a word that is used often, but many may not be aware of what it actually means. Here in San Diego, California, the term annulment has a specific meaning, and we at Divorce Attorneys – San Diego  can help you determine if you qualify for one.

Our skilled, experienced divorce attorneys have a deep knowledge of San Diego, California family law and how you can dissolve your marriage, whether you are seeking an annulment, separation or divorce.

What Are The Qualifications For An Annulment In San Diego, California?

For many but not all of the annulment concepts identified below, the length of the marriage must be less than four years. If one of the following concepts potentially applies to your family law matter, and you believe you meet all of the criteria, then please contact us to discuss your options. For San Diego, California annulments, the marriage must meet one of the criteria listed below:

  • Age at the time of the marriage: If you were under 18 at the time of the marriage, you could receive an annulment.
  • Prior marriage, apart from bigamy, which is automatically illegal: If you were previously married or in a legal domestic partnership and it was not dissolved and the marriage took place after your former spouse had been absent for at least five years and not known to be living and thought to be dead, then the marriage may qualify for an annulment.
  • Unsound mind: If either party to the marriage was of such “unsound mind” so as to prohibit the understanding of the nature of the marriage including the consequences of getting married at the time.
  • Marriage fraud: If you got married under false pretenses. The fraud must have been about something vital to the relationship that directly affects the party deceived and why that party agreed to the marriage such as if your spouse did not disclose an inability to have children or sought to marry solely for the purpose of acquiring certain citizenship privileges.
  • Force: If you only married someone due to the threat of force.
  • Physical Incapacity: The couple entered into the marriage when one was physically incapable of “consummating” the marriage, and the incapacity unexpectedly continues and appears to be incurable.

As the state of San Diego, California acknowledges, even if you think you qualify for an annulment, it can be difficult to receive one. If you believe that you qualify, contact us here at Divorce Attorneys – San Diego to schedule a consultation and learn about the annulment process.

Our lawyers will give you the practical legal advice you need. If we do not believe that you will be able to receive an annulment, we can guide you through a divorce that protects your rights and helps you quickly reach a resolution.