Should I File for Divorce in January?

As Californians ring in yet another new year, many also ring in a major life change in the form of a marital divorce.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, every January the rate of new filings for divorce spikes by 25 or even 30 percent over prior months. This increase is noted in California and throughout the nation.

The Times Free Press reports that it is not just the month of January that sees a jump in the initiation of new divorces. Statistics from 2088 through 2011 show this increase continuing through February and reaching a peak in March before levelling off again.

California residents who may be among the many spouses contemplating divorce in the New Year should take the time before filing to be sure that a divorce is really the best thing for their situations.

Marriage and divorce are legal and business transactions

Market Watch recommends that couples think about marriage like business deals. When making major decisions in business, it is logic that should take precedence rather than emotions. This should also be true when making major personal decisions such as whether or not to get a divorce.

Rushing to get a divorce in the heat of the moment may not be the best thing. Even if a divorce is ultimately the right decision, evaluating the various aspects of a divorce is important before proceeding.

People should give consideration to things like who has health insurance and what bonuses or commissions one spouse might be expecting to receive soon. Such factors can play a big role in the financial outcome of a divorce.

Factors that influence divorce timing

What makes the first quarter of the year so popular for divorcing? For many couples with strained marriages, one or both partners might want to use the holidays as a last chance to make things better. Other couples do not want to upset their children or even their extended family members during the holidays. Still others find that the general stress of more time together and the financial burden of the holidays becomes the final breaking point in their marriages.

All of the above scenarios are commonly referenced as reasons that January, February and March are some of the busiest when it comes to divorces.

Working with an attorney is essential

Because of the long-reaching impact that a divorce can have, California spouses who want to file for divorce should talk to a lawyer before doing anything. This gives people the ability to work with an impartial third party to sort out important information and help prevent emotionally based decisions that may ultimately backfire.