Collaborative Divorce In San Diego, California

At Divorce Attorneys - San, we have a vast amount of experience in helping couples realize that coming together on a negotiated settlement is often the best way to get through a divorce quickly.

This model of "collaborative divorce" can benefit you, your spouse and your children in the long run as you adjust to your new lives. Our lawyers can help you negotiate and review a final settlement to make sure you are not agreeing to anything that will harm you in the future.

Collaborating Is A Good Alternative To A Contested Divorce In San Diego, California

A collaborative divorce can keep you and your spouse out of the courtroom and focused on what is best for everyone. Your settlement can address all the major issues of your divorce, including:

You will not just be working with us on a settlement. We can bring in child welfare specialists, mental health specialists and financial planners who will help you understand why it is beneficial to work together on many of these issues.

Divorce Is Hard Enough Already. We Can Remove Some Of The Extra Stress.

If you both want out of a marriage, what good is it to spend time fighting over assets and debts in court? Even if you "win," you will likely owe tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees? This is the type of dispute that we seek to resolve whenever possible without judicial intervention. Contact Divorce Attorneys - San to find out how we can help you effectively and efficiently resolve all of your legal issues.