Here’s How You Can Ethically Fight for Child Custody

Photo of kids raising their hands in a classroom

Child custody battles can be very stressful experiences for parents, and they can be something that many adults don’t expect to go through. Just like many aspects of the divorce process, the more information that you know going into it, the better you will be in ethically handling the situation or circumstance. Each person involved in the child custody fight needs to go into divorce court with a sold plan of action.

How Can I Ethically Prepare for a Child Custody Battle?

  • Try to avoid it: Don’t assume that a child custody “battle” has to happen for you and your specific case. Ask yourself first if you can do everything you can to avoid the long and drawn out custody battle process. Custody battles happen when neither party is willing to compromise and reach an agreement. Ultimately, the court will decide who deserves to win child custody. Consider whether a compromise is possible first, and whether sharing joint custody is best for your child.
  • Understand the better parent standard: If you do decide to go to court, realize that what makes either parent better in the eyes of the divorce court may not be your point of view.
  • Demonstrate good communication: If you want to win your child custody battle ethically, it’s crucial that you prove to the court that you are willing to get along and communicate with your child’s other parent.
  • Realize that it’s about the child: In the end, the court will determine who will win the child custody case based on the child’s best interests. During your divorce, it can be easy to get caught up in your emotions as the parent and spouse, but the custody battle is about what is best for your child, not what is best for you.
  • Participate in visitation rights: It’s in your best interest to stay involved in your child’s life, whether you win the child custody battle or not. It’s also helpful to develop a parenting plan with the other parent so that each parent knows what their role is and what to expect moving forward.

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