California Contested Divorce Attorneys Protecting You

What do you do if you or your spouse filed for divorce, and you wish to reach a settlement, but your spouse is unwilling to work with you toward a resolution? The thought of spending months or years in a San Diego, California family court is likely causing you a great deal of stress.

At Divorce Attorneys - San, however, our lawyers will be able to represent you effectively and keep your best interests as their top priority. We pride ourselves on helping our clients reach quick resolutions that protect their futures and keep their costs down.

We Can Keep Your Contested Divorce Focused On A Resolution

Custody disputes, property division and alimony disputes can all cause divorces to become overheated and acrimonious, and if your spouse is not interested in finding an amicable solution, it is important that you have the right legal representation on your side. If litigating your family law matters is necessary, we can effectively help you through the various contested matters in a divorce proceeding.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators who have gone up against aggressive trial lawyers in many different types of cases. And unlike many divorce attorneys, we at Divorce Attorneys - San do not believe in drawing out your divorce battle for the sake of making more money and leaving you with less.

Our ethical, business-like approach will keep the focus on completing your divorce instead of disputing everything for the sake of having an argument. It is important to have lawyers like us in your corner who know how to work with other family law attorneys and judges to keep the process moving toward a final agreement, even when your spouse is not interested.

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